Porsche GT3 R Hybrid

porsche gt3 r hybrid

Contrary to Michael Macht (Porsche CEO) recent statement that Porsche technology will continue to be centered around improving efficiency and not creating hybrids “We want brake regeneration and stop-start for our sports cars, but not hybrid,” explains Macht, here is the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid which will be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

This new Porsche Hybrid will be based on the RWD Porsche 911 GT3 R that will take delivery to track privateers later this year. In addition to the 480hp 4.0L Flat Six it will have 2 electric motors that drive the front wheels.

porsche gt3 r hybrid

Where the passenger seat would normally go, is a flywheel and energy storage unit (see photo above) that will convert and store kinetic braking energy until needed. The stored kinetic energy equates to 120kW which means 160hp to the front wheels available in 6-8 seconds bursts controlled by a button on the steering wheel.

hybrid porsche gt3 r
hybrid porsche gt3 r

porsche gt3 r hybrid
porsche gt3 r hybrid

Further to Michael Macht recent comments regarding P Cars, “They’re not driven in the city”, I fully disagree with that statement because here in Toronto and Montreal Canada Porsche 911’s are extremely common daily driver city cars.

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porsche gt3 photo albums

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